Welcome to the official site of Stoubos Ltd.


 1st Showroom and workshop, 34 Spintex Road, Accra


2nd Showroom, N Airport Road, After African Regent Hotel, Accra.

Our company, which is a subsidiary of a Cyprus Holding under the name of Stoub Ltd, that has offices in Kelsterbach (Germany), Sofia (Bulgaria)  and  Nicosia (Cyprus), is specialised of selling Luxurious SUV’s, Supercars and armored cars. Having high know-how and long term collaborations with the major import dealers of the world, Stoubos limited has been developing in Ghana since 2012 and today has 2 showrooms and a contemporary workshop.

–        1st Showroom and workshop, 34 Spintex Road, Accra.

–        2nd Showroom, N Airport Road, After African Regent Hotel, Accra.

There you can admire the high standard and specifications exhibits, which you can get immediately, because we always have high stock of cars which can cover your requirement in different colors for the interior as well as for the exterior of the cars.

Also since you admire our collection you can have information from our expertised stuff about the stock of our mother company which you can see in live connection from our central offices in Kelsterbach.

Over the years of our existence in Accra we obtained a possible share at the market of luxurious SUV’s as well as the 4×4, and we also created a new market, for the unfamiliar  public until our arrival, armored and super cars.

some photos of our showrooms

We suggest you to browse our website and admire your next car through our big collection and follow us on our facebook page which is, in order to be updated and informed about our promotions.

You can also contact our sales department at the phone in order to receive valid and detailed information about our cars.

We would be glad to provide you advices regarding the way you will obtain your dream car, so that you will be our next pleased customer.