Stoubos Limited has turned into a celebrity hotspot!


The Buy One Get One Free promotion seems to be drawing in Ghana’s creme de la creme. Most recently, it was R&B artist Chemphe who visited the showroom and was pleasantly surprised by the running promotion. Chemphe was vowed by the Toyota Prado Executive Line’s luxurious equipment, but it was the gift car that grabbed his attention in the end, i.e. the Hyundai city car that comes for free with every purchase of an SUV.


Chemphe requested a meeting with the company’s MD to plan his purchase of an SUV, not hiding his enthusiasm regarding the running promotion. Not one to miss a good opportunity, Chemphe, impressed by’s showroom, submitted a proposal to shoot his new video clip at the company’s premises. The company accepted Chemphe’s proposal, finalizing plans for filming the following day.